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Submitted on
March 30, 2011
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It's not so much that she wants to run away. She just wishes she could feel better -- no, she could be better -- in a place which isn't here. Wherever 'here' is anyway. It's always the wrong place.

She's afraid of the sky. And when you asked her why, she said,
"it just looks so heavy. I'm afraid that one day it will fall
down on me
and crush

You could never figure out what she stared at
when she propped her pretty bony elbows on that white windowsill (the paint was chipped but she said that only made it more beautiful, more like home, even though she never quite understood what that word meant) and stayed that way for hours
on end, ignoring the clock
and her surroundings. It was like she had faded out
into a world of her own. And then one day you figured out that she wasn't looking up at that dreaded sky or down at the ground which was too solid for her tastes. She always had this feeling that it would swallow her whole if she let her guard down, and early on already, you were worried that she would crack under the strain of all her anxieties reveries and restrictions.
She wasn't looking at the gently swaying strong-trunked trees either, no, nor at the pavement or at the house across the way; if you had asked her, you know she would have told you that there was no house across the way. She either saw too far or not far enough, and after a while of trying to figure it out you forgot which was which and never managed to get them straight again.
This is the kind of confusion she lives in, only for her it make perfect sense.
Some would call her delusional, but to you that is the only thing which makes her real.

You were never one to be superficial, until you met her. She taught you all about skirts and bracelets and never seeing past appearances. (More importantly, she taught you that everything was just an appearance. Make-up and souls are exactly the same: perishable.)
But after you'd spent some time with her, what you really started to notice were her wide, baby-blue eyes. They shine like light bulbs or stars or waves on the sea or something. Something distant, and lovely in an empty, stereotypical kind of way. Like her feelings, probably, and her clothes, but not her thoughts, and definitely not her words. She really has a way with words, either that or they have a way with her. It's hard to tell sometimes.
Usually because it's so devastatingly easy.

You used to love her pale, slender wrists. There were strands of her soul in them, you thought. Because they were so perfect, but so very fragile.

It took you longer than it should have to realize that they were as far from perfect as it's possible to get. ('Unless you're an angel', she would say. She doesn't like angels, probably because she had to fall to become one.)
It took you longer than it should have to realize that they were much closer to perfect than it was healthy to get, for anyone. Even for her.
And it occurred to you then that she's just like you and me and everyone else. Because we all have our windows which we stare out of, and either we're focused on the ghostly, tragic reflection of our all-too-familiar face on the glass, or we're gazing far out into the distance, into things which aren't even there. And in either case we're too captivated by our own thoughts to see what's right in from of us.
It was obvious, you tell yourself over and over again, obvious that she was too thin, that she wasn't natural, that the slightest breath of wind would suffice to knock her over.
But for months you didn't know. You still blame yourself for it. You feel so powerless because you are so powerless. There is no control when it comes to dust.

And it scares you, it really does. Because you didn't realize how alive she was
until you found out that she's actually

You watch her, sometimes. Often. Like an artist watches a work of art, or a child watches their very first nightmare; she's absolutely enchanting.  Her neck is bony and her legs are splinter-small and her arms are barely there at all.
It's so beautiful that it makes you sick.
No. It makes you sick because despite what you know it's so beautiful, just like she is. And it's her, the only her you will ever see, but you know it isn't her because it's just her illness, and you catch yourself searching for the girl she used to be, the girl she should be, in the contours of her moon-light body.

You will never find her; you haven't asked her yet, but you think she's trying to be invisible. Invisible enough to scald your eyes. Invisible enough that you will never forget her.
You don't see her much anymore. Maybe she just drifts by you when you aren't paying attention, or maybe you've been avoiding her because it makes your veins throb to know that there's nothing you can do, or maybe she's gone off somewhere you can't even understand her, let alone reach her.

She doesn't blame you for anything. Expect maybe for pulling her away from that window.
And maybe, maybe for forcing her to stay, when all she wants to do is get away.

She slips between your fingers whenever you try to touch her. Like water. A few days ago you assured her that the sky would never crush her; you didn't add that it was because she was so insubstantial she may as well be a part of it.
The problem is that she can't grow wings. People with mental illnesses never do, you hear.
But that was the day you realized that when she stares out the window, she's actually looking at something;
Full title: She reminds you of the wishes you used to make by blowing dandelion seeds.

I really got into this one. (Please give me feed-back? ^^; )

Also, should I submit this or "the bullet will go through her" to #SelfInjuryAware's eating disorder contest?

EDIT: got fourth place in the contest. (:
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NelehGrimm Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Student Writer
This is a really wonderful, precious and increadibly sad text. I read it in awe. Totally mindflashed right now. :)
Winterhill9 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012   Artist
This story has to be one of the most painful and beautiful things I have ever read. The imagery, the faint references to her illness throughout, and the last word that made my heart feel like it had dropped. It feels so light yet it's about something so heavy and dark... I can't really even describe how amazing this is because it seems like perfection. Thank you for being terrific [:
towards-eternity Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012   Writer
thank you for being incredibly kind. :heart:
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towards-eternity Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012   Writer
thank you very much!!
violetense Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Student Writer
This is one of the most painful things I've ever read.
InfinityOnAString Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
One of the most suicidal things an artist can do is go through the work of a fellow artist.
Be it a writer, a photographer, a painter, we all have the exact same problem. We can never not find ourselves in the works of others even though they may have nothing to do with us. It can be the way they're written or the content of the writing or maybe the way we read it makes it feel so familiar, but still we can never find enough of ourselves and I think maybe that's what pushes us to become artists ourselves-
The problem though, with looking through other's art, especially someone as talented as you are, is that no artist feels their art is enough. No true artist can look at a piece of their work for more than five minutes and say "I finally did it, it's perfect" we'll always feel like it's lacking something or like we should delete something but we can never put our finger on it. But when we look at another artist's work, we find it perfect, breath taking, maybe even heart wrenching and oh so effortless. This is my problem with you, I find your writing perfect and it's also what I love about you and what makes me go through your gallery for another last time every now and then, it pushes me to become a better artist myself.

Your work is amazing, darling. <3
towards-eternity Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012   Writer
you're amazing. thank you so much for this comment. and for everything else, ever. :tighthug:

how are things?
InfinityOnAString Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
My pleasure, as usual :tighthug:

Things are going pretty good I think, how about you? (:
violetense Featured By Owner May 28, 2012  Student Writer
'beautiful disaster'
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