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(: (don't mind the fact that i'm almost always a few pages behind in my folders.)





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dark little writer-girl who yearns and strives to light up your world. let me hold your hand, show me your pain and i'll show you mine - we can make a change and life will be worth living and loving (it, each other, others, ourselves). and i promise that someday, everything will be okay.

lesbian. 17 years old. has lived in paris, philadelphia, sweden, and is currently in paris (well, right outside of it) again; hopefully going to university in the states next year. planning on majoring in psychology, while writing writing writing away.

loves music, smiles, reading, and tea. tends to be unbelievably busy and a just a little too stressed out. doesn't get enough sleep, despite her best efforts; now getting enough food, thanks to her loved ones' incredible efforts.

cherishes her friends. has some that she would do anything for. that she would die for.

loves to see the beauty in everything. [has trouble when it comes to herself.]

recovered self-harmer, with various other mental illnesses and symptoms in both the past and the present. will make it out alive, and so will you.


if you've given up on life, don't give up on hope. if you've given up on hope, then don't give up on life. <3
hey everyone,

i hope you're smiling today. i hope you think about every inch of your skin & eyes & hair & mind & believe in your beauty. i hope that even if the day outside your window is as bleak as mine, you still have the sun.

i'm sorry i'm barely here anymore. i just... have different aims. publishing or nothing, that's what happens with my poetry (which has its ups and downs, but feels more grown up and responsible). plus i'm always just so low on time. i barely keep up with friends in college, friends at home, writing, reading, family, schoolwork, and mental health as it is. i don't have the time to be here in any way other than in absentia.

in absentia. one of my most used phrases now. look guys, i'm unlikely to update much. so for those of you who love(d) and/or believe(d) in me: please never lose faith in the fact that there is someone out there who has risen above her problems misery and insecurities. and please never lose faith that there is a glowing little orb who can keep herself and other people warm. most importantly, never lose faith that you can be both of these, and more. as long as you cultivate your strength and your self-love.
& from my side of the glass: my sunlight was borrowed, shared, or stolen. how many tributes are too many? how many times can one express the same damn things before one splits at the seams? [fading. i'm sorry].

love to all of you (:
  • Reading: dickens, a tale of two cities

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